li Quandisa

Every woman appreciates the moment of gentleness evoked on by a touch. Pleasant sensations, sensuality, and safety are the reason we even let something touch us. Even in our most sacred areas, the intimate area.

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Oil for intimate care

Li Quandisa is the first nourishing oil for intimate care, captured in an appealing and alluring bottle, and a novelty on the Slovenian and global market.

It was created and named after Quandisa, a mysterious goddess of beauty and lust, a part of which every woman carries and nurtures within.

As is appropriate for the care of goddesses, it is prepared with a great measure of dedication and attention, and carefully selected and combined ingredients of the highest quality.

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A rich and unique treatment

The li Quandisa nourishing oil for intimate care is intended for use with the most gentle and delicate area of the female body. It provides comprehensive care and highlights and enriches your femininity, while the feeling after use is simply divine.

Choice ingredients

The absorbing and exceptionally nourishing oil was created under the supervision of experts, who selected only the best ingredients, each of which has its own special properties

Sensual combination

The unique and carefully prepared combination of choice oils with the peach seed extract has a distinctly gentle and nourishing effect, while the common sea buckthorn flowers, grapefruit seed oil, cloves, and narrow-leaved paperbark give it an antiseptic effect. We have also added cinnamon, which men consider an extremely attractive aroma. It is not unusual – in the past, it was believed to be an aphrodisiac.

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Nourishing effect

Absorbing and nourishing oil li Quandisa

    • neutralises unpleasant odors
    • mucous membrane dryness
    • improves the muscle tone and balance pH

Useful for everyone

We recommend its use to women of all ages, including teenagers and young girls; it can also be used by pregnant women and, if so desired, by men.

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Luxury provided by nature

With the li Quandisa oil for intimate care, the Luxury Intimate brand presents the luxury provided by nature. It provides us with an unlimited source of care and treatment for our bodies.

Having all this within our reach is the greatest luxury you can give your body.

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