For a life in balance

Women are self-confident, self-sufficient, and active in numerous areas, from work and career to many leisure time activities. We like to take care of ourselves, our look, wellbeing, and body.

Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle also includes activators that can exacerbate numerous inconveniences:

  • sweating during sports activities,
  • use of synthetic underwear and thongs, wearing tight clothing,
  • depilation of intimate areas, use of tampons and sanitary towels,
  • visits to pools and saunas,
  • uporaba penečih kopeli,
  • use of aggressive and inappropriate soaps in the intimate area,
  • stress and inappropriate diet,
  • pH reaction to certain medications, hormonal contraception,
  • hygiene before and after intimate relationships,
  • inconveniences during pregnancy or after giving birth,
  • use of perfumed toilet paper and wet tissues unsuitable for this area,
  • menopause,
  • an imbalance of pH of vagina after chemotherapy.

With all of the above inconveniences, we recommend using li Quandisa oil for intimate care, which will re-establish the pH balance of your vaginal mucus membrane. Completely natural oil of plant origin is so gentle that you can use it every single day.

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100% safety guaranteed

We’re used to taking care of certain parts of our bodies every day, like hands, teeth, and body. This became a habit a long time ago, so we don’t pay much attention to it. Considering the care of intimate areas should be no exception – quite the opposite, in fact. Because they are so sensitive, intimate areas require regular daily care with appropriate products.

We invested all our expertise into the production of li Quandisa nourishing oil for intimate care, as well as knowledge, sensuality, and respect for what we hold most sacred – our bodies. Because of its natural ingredients, everyday use is completely safe, while it can safely come in contact with a person’s lips.

We guarantee that li Quandisa is 100%

  • naturally and organically produced,
  • vegan and plant origin,
  • free of perfumes and parabens,
  • ree of preservatives or chemical additives,
  • without animal testing,
  • without hormones,
  • made in EU, Slovenia.

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Recommended by experts:

10 years of scientific research in a diagnostic centre on the effect of different medical and natural ingredients on the human organism.

Dr. Yurij Yatsko
Doctor of psychology and physics

Dr. Galina Mihalaki
MD, MBA in biochemistry

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