When creating the nurturing LI Quandisda oil, we were mindful of skilled knowledge, sensuality and respect for your body. It is because of these components that we can ensure the 100% natural production and plant origin with carefully-selected ingredients of the highest quality.

Made with Love. In Slovenia.

We work with experts

  • Prof. dr. Igor But, M.D., Head of Department of General Gynaecology and Gynaecologic Urology at the University Medical Centre Maribor
  • Chief Physician Boris Kralj, M.D. Specialist in Dermatovenerology and Flebology
  • M. Sc. Nurdin Bajramović, MPharm
  • Dr. Galina Yatsko Mihalaki M.D., Biochemist
  • Prof. dr. Samo Kreft, MPharm, Chair of Pharmaceutical Biology, Faculty of Pharmacy

Read about our customers' impressions

"From extreme inflammation to the first signs of improvement after having used Li Quandisa only four times! This oil is miraculous. I highly recommend it!"


"I have been using this oil for a year now and recommend it to women of all generations."


"My life without this oil is unimaginable. Excellent product. My diabetes causes repetitive inflammation, but after having found this oil, I am finally free of the discomfort."


"If six stars were possible, Li Quandisa would have them! An exceptional, effective oil regardless of medical issues you are facing and which generation you belong to. The positive feedback I receive every week from my clients at Prelest House of Beauty and Health is amazing. And, you are not going to believe this, men also love this product! We are goddesses – in the ultimate meaning of the phrase."


"This product is absolutely amazing! It is extremely effective and I am convinced that there will be no disappointments when trying it out! I have been battling several different inflammations in the past six months and have been prescribed several balms and ointments by my gynaecologist none of which worked and then I used this oil for 4 days and I feel like a new person! I can’t describe how happy this makes me feel. I feel confident again. Thank you!"


"I warmly recommend this oil to women of all generations. Since I have been using it, my troubles with vaginal discharge and the accompanying unpleasant scent have disappeared. My mucosa is back on track and I am ordering the oil for my daughter as we speak. And by the way, you use up the oil very slowly. I can't thank you enough for this product."


"This is a fantastic product every woman should have in her handbag! So pleased with Li Quandisa!"


"Excellent product with great effect on my vagina. Less vaginal discharge, less inflammation, less fungus. Just pure well-being."


"Lovely oil with delightful scent and minimal usage. I've had the 30 ml bottle for 4 months now and I use it daily."


"Incredibly grateful for the oil and how it has helped with my dryness in the intimate area. Not to mention my sex life has improved. I love it!"


"Due to chemotherapy, my mucosa was extremely dry, so the oil was an immense help. It also helped my 2-year old daughter with her recurring inflammation from wearing diapers."


"My wife and I use the oil before going to the sauna and swimming pools to avoid the spreading of fungus and dryness in the intimate area. Feels great!"


"My cherry deserves to stay fresh and clean all day and Li Quandisa oil makes that happen."



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