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Intimate fragrance


The fragrance/musk is a botanical blend created for the care, protection, comfort, and freshness of intimate areas. According to experts, the intimate scent of Li Quandis has more of an antiseptic (anti-inflammatory) effect, a substantial impact on neutralization of unpleasant odors, while it is naturally scenting our intimate areas.

Your perfect helper to rekindle the passion and increase sex appeal. Both men and women are welcome to use it. Apply it to your intimate area where you want to be kissed.

Musk is also considered a powerful natural aphrodisiac that works on women and men. This sophisticated fragrance is synonymous with seduction and provocation of the senses as it awakens the hormonal system.




Prunus Persica Kernel Oil, Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit Oil, Aqua, Tocopherol, Glycerin, Citrus Grandis Seed Extract, Parfum, Sodium Peach Kernelate, Benzyl Alcohol, d-Limonene, Coumarin, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone.

How to use it

How to use it

Before use, shake the bottle well to mix the oils. Apply a few drops of oil on clean palms and gently rub it on the intimate area. Of course, this can also cover the buttocks area, if you are facing problems in this area as well. Do not rinse. The oil is 100% natural and completely safe. For the best protection and effect, we recommend daily use in combination with Li Quandis natural oil soap.

During the monthly laundry, the use of oils is not necessary, we only recommend the use of oil soap. Men should also use the oil, as using it will help with their own care and maintaining the health of their partner. Musk is also considered a mild aphrodisiac.