About li Quandisa

Li Quandisa, the mysterious goddess of beauty and desire

Li Quandisa is a line of natural products helping you to preserve the well-being of your intimate areas, intended for women and men of all generations.

It was conceived and named after Li Quandisa, the mysterious goddess of beauty and desire – hidden and nurtured in every woman. Fit for a goddess, it was created with an abundance of passion and care, along with exquisite ingredients.

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liQuandisa - for a well-balanced life

In our daily lives, women and men are active in various fields ranging from our work and career to a number of free-time activities. We like to take care of ourselves, our appearance, wellbeing and our body.

Today's fast-paced lifestyle can cause discomfort in our intimate area. As many as 75% of women experience problems in the intimate area from time to time, and some even regularly.

Li Quandisa oil helps to bring the pH value of your mucous membranes back into balance. Our 100% natural vegan oil is so gentle that you can use it every day without worry.

Li Quandisa helps you

nourishing intimate area,
against dryness od mocus membrane,
has an anti-inflammatory effect,
prevents itching,
neutralizes unpleasant odors,
improves muscle tone,
regulates pH-flora,
relieves symptoms of hemorrhoids,
better intimate relationships

How to best apply Li Quandisa

Certain parts of our body have our everyday dedication with care and nurture. This has long become a habit and we do not really pay too much attention to them. Taking care of our intimate area should be no exception in fact, we should offer it that much more attention. Due to its sensitivity, our intimate area needs our daily care with skin-friendly products.

How to best apply Li Quandisa :
Shake the bottle before you begin your caring process. Make sure your hands are clean, then apply a few drops of Li Quandisa oil to your intimate area by gently rubbing it in. Do not wash it off.

Take the time for this process every day to ensure the best possible protection and effect – we also recommend using the oil with our natural intimate Li Quandisa soap.

During your monthly period, you may refrain from using the oil, which is 100 % natural and edible. It was designed for a variety of women, from young ladies to women of all generations and we also warmly recommend it to men in helping them develop a new level of care and wellbeing for themselves and their partner.

High quality
Produced naturally & Free of chemical elements
Safe for pregnant women and children
Can be used during the period
Verified by experts
Not tested on animals